Make Organizing Convenient – Embrace Your Laziness

This principle applies to both the process of organizing as well as where you provide a home for things. In everything, convenience can be our greatest friend or foe. Fast food is so appealing because it can satisfy hunger or a craving very quickly. On the positive side, joining a gym around the corner will make it much easier for you to stick to your three-workouts-a-week schedule than using a facility at the other end of town.

Why does convenience play such a big role? You might argue that Hammock, organization, lazinesshumans are simply lazy. Good point, because laziness has a great evolutionary advantage. The less energy we spend on necessary tasks the more we can achieve in one day and the more time we can spend on play and the work we enjoy.

Use your natural tendency to preserve energy to achieve your goals more effectively and with less hassle. For example, if you put your vacuum cleaner in the basement, vacuuming can seem rather arduous. However, if you keep essential equipment nearby – e.g. the vacuum in reach of your dirtiest rugs – giving the area a quick clean will be much easier. So, I challenge you to come up with your own methods to “lazify” your space.