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3 Fun Tips to Eliminate Tax Procrastination

1. After-Filing Party: Plan a celebration two weekends before taxes are due and tell invitees that they have to finish their taxes before coming. The highlight of the evening could be creating tasty drinks like green tax tea or a refund martini – shaken not stirred.tax pic

2. Tax-Filing Party: Get together with a bunch of friends and family and do your taxes at the same time. For best results, invite your accounting buddy. If you don’t have an accountant in your network, why not hire somebody to come to your party and help out where needed. It’s fun, it’s cheap and you get it done. (Hold the alcohol until after filing!)

3. Swap Returns: If your tax situation is rather simple, choose somebody you really trust and ask them to exchange tax duties – you do her’s and she does yours. It’s often easier to deal with a friend’s paperwork than with your own. Just double check the numbers before you file.

You might as well share the pain doing your taxes and the joy of being done!