Radio Interviews

Listen to some recent interviews with Renate on how to live a more productive and balanced life.

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Lisa Davis and Andrea Donsky interviewed Renate on Naturally Savvy & Beauty Inside Out about how to be well and stay well using the Beyond Procrastination program – Radio MD, November 2015


Take Charge of Your Life host Eleanor Bobrow in conversation with Renate Reimann, PhD, discussing how to overcome procrastination based on her latest book Beyond Procrastination – WDIY in Pennsylvania, September 2015

Clarity from Chaos radio showDavid Campbell of Clarity from Chaos in an in-depth discussion with Renate on her latest book Beyond Procrastination “that offers realistic and practical solutions to procrastination relying on tested behavioral tools rather than shaming”  – in Arizona, October 2015

Money for LunchBert Martinez of Money for Lunch talks with Renate about concrete steps to move individuals past problematic behaviors to achievement and success, October 2015