Special Offers

 A Life Coaching New Year Intensive

The beginning of the year holds tantalizing promises. And it’s the perfect time to focus on that important project you just don’t seem to be able to start or complete.new year's resolution, coaching, procrastination

The FreshLife Coaching New Year Intensive will help you clarify what you need, give you the tools to make it happen and assure that you stay on track.

This coaching package includes eight 45-minute telephone sessions with productivity coach Renate Reimann, PhD, and ongoing email support to keep you motivated.

Contact Renate today to set up a free informational session to discuss how coaching can get you the results you want.

 (Sliding fee scale available)

Spring Special Offer: Complete Unfinished Business

special offer, achievement, procrastinationUse the invigorating dynamism of spring to finish lagging projects that are sapping your energy.

This three-month program guides you from clarifying your goal to creating an action plan and following through with coach Renate on your side and by your side.

Contact Renate today to set up a free informational session to learn how to complete unfinished business and move on to your big dreams.

Bonus: Renate’s audio book Move Beyond Procrastination™ and Get Things Done!

 (Sliding fee scale available)