Renate started FreshLife Coaching in 2006 with a commitment to vibrant, purposeful, centered, procrastination, FreshLife Coaching, cross-cultural trainingmaking the lives of her clients more vibrant, purposeful and centered. Working with people, three major themes emerged: the importance of overcoming procrastination, the desire to refocus on authentic needs and goals and the enormous benefit of cross-cultural training for expats.

Beyond Procrastination™

Very early on, Renate realized that procrastination on both professional and personal goals was at the heart of many people’s discontent. Even though to the outside world they looked like accomplished individuals, they themselves felt they were not living up to their potential.  The result usually was self-blame, anxiety and an overall sense of failure.

procrastination, beyond procrastination, stop postponing, FreshLife, Renate ReimannTo move her clients forward, Renate developed the Beyond Procrastination™ Program which addresses all major reasons for procrastination including time issues, organization, fear and perfectionism.  In 2010, she published an audiobook introducing some of the concepts she teaches her clients. In her latest book on the topic,  Beyond Procrastination™: How to Stop Postponing Your Life (forthcoming 2015), she shares an even broader range of techniques and tricks and how they have helped her clients succeed.


Others came to her because they felt something was missing in their lives but weren’t quite able to identify what that was. Or they weren’t as passionate about their work or personal life as they used to be. Often old habits and outdated goals blocked them from paying attention to their current desires.

Renate likens the process of reconnecting with authentic behaviors and authentic behaviors, goals, refresh, astounding results, Renate Reimann, FreshLife Coachingobjectives to the refresh function on computers. By clicking the ReFresh button, we are able to see the most updated version of ourselves. Once the fog lifts, new possibilities emerge and are evaluated through the coaching process. The results are astounding.

Cross-Cultural Training

A similar experience of disconnection can result from living in a foreign culture. Feeling out of place or having a hard time understanding why people communicate and behave so differently, can be extremely stressful and disorienting. Because of her own history as a German living in the United States for more than 15 years, Renate has always had a keen interest in supporting fellow expats.

cross-cultural training, travel, cross-cultural coaching, learning about other cultures, Germany, U.S.A., FreshLife Coaching, Renate ReimannSince 2010, she has been coaching people from all over the world who are moving to the U.S. on how to understand  American cultural values and expectations and successfully adapt to the new environment. In addition, Renate prepares Americans moving to Germany for a smooth cultural transition.