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Beyond Procrastination for Writers – Part I

October 5, 2016 @ 08:00


What prevents writers from completing their projects? Chances are they lack a structure for writing, are held back by emotional concerns or simply run out of steam along the way. This class will help you learn techniques to overcome practical, emotional and environmental obstacles that may block you from completing your manuscript.


Week 1 – October 5: What to Write

The first module will clarify the vision for your writing project by offering techniques to make your goal as specific and as inspiring as possible.

Assignment: Create your SMART writing goal and supporting affirmations. Submit for instructor feedback.

Week 2 – October 12: When to Write

Now that your goal is in place, let’s see how you can fit consistent writing time into your life. Because our needs and patterns vary, each writer needs to develop a customized time management strategy that fits her circumstances. This week you will devise a plan to make writing a regular part of your life.

Assignment: Keep a time log and devise a writing plan. Instructor feedback available.

Week 3 – October 19: Where to Write        

In addition to making time for writing, your actual physical writing process also needs to be anchored in a supportive environment. In this class you will learn how to organize your space for greater productivity.

Assignment: Set up your writing space. Share experiences with instructor and group.

Week 4 – October 26: What to Write Where and When – Timeline Magic

Finishing large projects can take months, some years. Even smaller jobs often involve multiple steps and ongoing commitment. How can you stay on track? Deadlines! This week you will create a timeline with meaningful milestones and precise finish dates for each phase.

Assignment: Set a timeline for your writing project. Instructor helps to make it strong and motivational.