Cross-Cultural Training

Dr. Reimann.BerlitzHow exciting to live in a new country! And then it hits you – people here seem strange. Some of their values can be even shocking and their habits sometimes startle you. Worst of all, they occasionally respond to you in unexpected ways and make you feel self-conscious.

Cross-cultural training and coaching explains how and why your host nation is different and drastically speeds up your acculturation and your cross-cultural competence.

Don’t waste any more time second-guessing the people around you. Contact Dr. Renate Reimann today for cultural mentoring and daily living support.

Renate grew up in Germany and then moved to New York City, USA, more than 15 years ago. Her personal experience as well as her doctorate in sociology proved to be invaluable for her success as cross-cultural trainer and coach. Her clients include multinational corporations as well as individuals relocating to foreign countries for business or study.