Beyond Procrastination™: How to Stop Postponing Your Life

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Life coach Dr. Renate Reimann has moved people from stuck to finished for nearly a decade. In this, her latest book, she shares her proprietary Beyond Procrastination™ Program – an easy and effective path to greater productivity, increased confidence and a more balanced life.

The program’s success lies in its focus on unresolved internal or external conflicts that cause procrastination, rather than on personality deficits. Instead of wasting energy on self-blame, the reader’s resources are directed toward solving very specific procrastination challenges.

This book covers a wide range of topics from time management and organization to fear and perfectionism. It also sheds light on modern socio-cultural reasons for procrastination such as constant digital connectedness and global competition.

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Move Beyond Procrastination and Get Things Done!

Move Beyond Procrastination

In this audio book, published in 2010, Renate lays out the basics of her Beyond Procrastination™ Program. Relax, listen and learn how to become more productive while getting less stressed about not doing something.

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