Individual Coaching

In just a few meetings, Renate has helped me to organize my career goals into steps — and then made sure I took those steps. At the same time, she’s helped me to identify and overcome my underlying resistance to achieving those goals. I find her approach vastly more satisfying and productive than traditional talk therapy.

Larissa P., Brooklyn, NY


Working for over a year with Renate has been a huge gift, Thank You!
I initially came to Renate with some key issues, but after some time of working I realized those issues were in fact symptomatic of deeper issues. This is where Renate’s magic happens. Once I became aware of the deeper issues, the problematic behaviours have simply been melting away.
A very inspiring journey…

Anny Fodor, Founder of SIN and Annybody, Istanbul, Turkey


I began working with Renate during the Spring, 2008, after becoming frustrated time and again when the lessons I thought I had learned from Maxwell, Peters, Deming and others, were not generating the kind of results I needed in the organization I manage. I decided to stop beating my head against the wall, so to speak, and scheduled an initial series of sessions with Renate to talk thru the challenges my colleagues and I were facing and the options available to us to embrace them successfully.
From our first coaching session together, I was impressed with the ease with which Renate facilitated our conversations, the fresh ideas and approaches we uncovered, and the way she helped me structure the execution of these approaches.
I continue to engage Renate to coach me thru other projects, and strongly endorse her services to other managers and professionals seeking external counsel in order to decipher creative approaches to problematic situations.

Patrick Dail, Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York, NY


Renate helped me take charge of my work-life, and the stress I lived with because of job-related obstacles I was working to overcome.  Her compassionate encouragement and practical support gave me the tools – and outlook – to simplify, to move forward successfully, to make my workdays happier and my life healthier.

Rachel Friend, Chicago


Renate is creative, compassionate and smart.  Working with her has helped me get clear about the importance of taking care of myself first—a valuable lesson that’s helped everything in my life go better.

Jezra Kaye, President,Communicate with Power and Ease, Brooklyn, NY


I hired Renate when I needed help to focus on setting goals for my next career move. The Monday following our first session, I lost my job! Since there are no coincidences, working with Renate surely seemed predicted! Renate is a great listener so that she’s able to suggest a tailored approach to her client, which is akin to collaboration more than a one-dimensional relationship. She’s very insightful and never misses an opportunity to show a side of an issue that I may not have considered. And she holds me accountable to my own objectives. Besides being very experienced and professional, she brings simple clarity to your goals so you can achieve them with better ease. I warmly recommend Renate.

Eric Longo, Brooklyn, NY


Renate’s Procrastination workshop takes a refreshing approach on a problem common to us all.  Her exploratory, interactive methods afford one the opportunity to get at the root issues.  I highly recommend her session even if you think it doesn’t apply to you — you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn about yourself.

Rick Russo, Vice President, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce


Renate’s understanding of the issues surrounding and causing procrastination was impressive. More so how she communicated with the audience. I came away with a much deeper understanding of how to address an issue which at times has derailed my productivity. I would recommend her workshop to anyone plagued by procrastination.

Francisco Acosta, Exec. VP, Internal Business Consulting, Brooklyn, NY


For months I had been trying to figure out why I could not sit down with my proposal for my company – especially since it was practically finished. All I needed to do was edit what I had already put together. I am a planner and quite an organized individual, so I couldn’t grasp why I couldn’t complete this important part of making my dream a reality.  It had been over six months that I had been sitting on this, but over eight months that my four year partnership had begun to be a little shaky.  It wasn’t until I attended Renate’s workshop that I realized, through her coaching and materials, that although starting my business is important to me, my current internal life key goal was my relationship with my partner.  All of my needs and values identified through her coaching led me to this truth.  Since then I have been able to put together a plan, using Renate’s materials, and have been able to work on what is really keeping me from sitting down with my proposal.

Katrina T. Marsh, New York City


Move Beyond Procrastination™ CD

Renate is brilliant! Her seminar is jam-packed with simple steps on how to conquer procrastination in a practical and easy-to-follow way. Her insights are right-on, and she provides a compassionate, non-judgmental approach to getting things done quickly and easily. Thank you, Renate, for your wisdom and support! I am inspired and ready to tackle all of my pending projects!

Jordana Jaffe, live Organized, New York, NY


What I love best about Dr. Renate Reimann’s Move Beyond Procrastination and Get Things Done! CD is that the self-taught course is structured for maximum flexibility. She offers the choice to listen to introductory topics as an overview to the method or to delve more deeply, listening and performing helpful exercises one topic at a time. Move Beyond Procrastination is a no-nonsense, results-oriented method for moving forward with your life and/or career by overcoming those pesky procrastination behaviors.

Sharon Wolf, QualiData Research Inc., Brooklyn, NY