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Procrastination – love it or hate it – is at the heart of much brilliance and even more ruin. How many stories begin with somebody slacking off or being paralyzed by fear?Renate Reimann PhD

If you are working on a report that involves procrastination, Dr. Renate Reimann can provide unique insight into the why and how of the art of delay. Ever since she started her coaching practice in 2006, she has been advising her clients on how to beat procrastination and still have fun.

Renate, the author Beyond Procrastination™ – How to Stop Postponing Your Life (forthcoming) and author/narrator of the audio book Move Beyond Procrastination and Get Things Done!, is available for print, radio, television and online interviews.

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Tammi Baliszewski’s Journey to Center on Empower Radio: Have you ever put off doing something you know you need to do? If you want to understand WHY, and find out how to make positive and lasting changes. Renate Reimann, Ph.D. shares wonderful insights about how to give up procrastination for good, leave the guilt behind, and claim balance, confidence, productivity and greater success in our lives – Empower Radio, October 2015

Take WDIY_Logo_600x400_08.18.15_0Charge of Your Life host Eleanor Bobrow in conversation with Renate Reimann, PhD, discussing how to overcome procrastination based on her latest book Beyond Procrastination – WDIY in Pennsylvania, September 2015

Clarity from Chaos radio showDavid Campbell of Clarity from Chaos in an in-depth discussion with Renate on her latest book Beyond Procrastination “that offers realistic and practical solutions to procrastination relying on tested behavioral tools rather than shaming”  – in Arizona, October 2015

Kim Pagano ShowVentura County’s Kim Pagano Show hosts Beyond Procrastination author Dr. Renate Reimann to discuss the roots of procrastination and how to deal with those hurdles – KVTA in California, September, 2015