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Since founding FreshLife Coaching in 2006, certified personal life coach Renate Reimann, PhD, has successfully worked with hundreds of talented and ambitious people who were held back by procrastination. Born and raised in Germany, Renate has an innate sense of organization and time management that has been profoundly enriched by the creative chaos and unlimited optimism of life in New York City. Add her business experience in market research to her years of college teaching, and there are few procrastination challenges she won’t be able to solve.


cross-cultural training, USA, Germany, cultural competenceRenate’s other passion is understanding and communicating the impact of cultural differences. Almost everybody who works with people from different cultures or has relocated to another country experiences some disorientation. For some it is easy to adjust, for others it can be quite painful. To minimize the negative impact of cultural dissonance and increase cross-cultural competence, Renate conducts individual and group training and coaching sessions for those who relocate to the U.S. or to Germany or work with colleagues from these cultures.


Renate is also the author of Beyond Procrastination: How to Stop Renate Reimann, procrastination, beyond procrastination, stop postponingPostponing Your Life (forthcoming in 2015 as eBook and in print) and author/narrator of the audiobook Move Beyond Procrastination and Get Things Done! (both published by FreshLife Coaching).  In addition, she produced and contributed to the academic anthology Queer Families, Queer Politics: Challenging Culture and the State (Columbia University Press).

Renate holds  a PhD in Sociology from The Graduate Center of the City University of New York and a Certificate in Personal and Life Coaching from New York University. She lives with her partner in New York City and works with clients all over the world.