Beyond Procrastination™

procrastination, beyond procrastination, stop postponingFor almost a decade, life coach Renate Reimann has moved people from stuck to done! Now, in her latest book, Beyond Procrastination™: How to Stop Postponing Your Life (forthcoming 2015) she shares her time-tested coaching program  – an easy and effective path to greater productivity, increased confidence and a more balanced life.

This simple three-step method is extremely flexible and can be tailored to anybody’s procrastination issue. First, one identifies reasons for getting stuck. Next, readers learn techniques that address their hot spots. The last step is dedicated to implementing positive new behaviors for the long-term.

Renate’s success lies in her focus on unresolved internal or external conflicts that cause procrastination rather than on personality deficits.  Instead of wasting energy on self-blame, she directs all resources toward solving very specific procrastination challenges.

While she covers traditional topics such as time management, organization and fear in depth, she also adds how to deal with socio-cultural triggers for delays such as the Internet.

For those with short attention spans, the book is peppered with “Beyond Procrastination™ Tricks” – nuggets of wisdom anybody can use right away.